Manifestation Through Decluttering

Thur Oct 17 6-8   $75


Do you constantly feel overwhelmed?

Do you want to manifest new things into your life but you don’t see how it is possible?

Or maybe you believe you can manifest your dream life but it just hasn’t happened for you yet.

Do you struggle to clear out closets and your ‘decluttering’ is really just seeing how much stuff you can fit into those handy new tubs and organizers you bought?

When you look around your home or office, do you feel drained just looking at all your ‘stuff’?

If you want to release what has been holding you back from creating your dream life and use decluttering as a way to manifest, join us for this powerful 2 hour healing session. You will experience the profound healing effects of Emotional Polarity Technique. We will identify what is holding you back, release it from your body, mind and spirit, and finally you will give yourself permission to live your best life. Forgiveness is a key component to EPTworks… you will experience the freedom that comes after forgiving yourself and others. With this healing and new found peace, you can release what no longer serves you, and move forward with your decluttering to bring into your life exactly what you desire.

This will be a introduction to EPTworks technique, a group healing session, some tips on decluttering and manifestation, and Q&A session.


Everyone who pre-registers receives a gift certificate to be used on an individual healing session with Liz Foy

Thur Oct 17 6-8   $75



Nov. TBD

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Through an exploration of your ideal self, a vision board is only the beginning of what you leave this workshop with. 

You will be guided through journaling prompts, visualization, meditation, brainstorming, and creating affirmations for manifesting your future.
If you’ve heard of the ‘Law of Attraction’, get ready to learn about 11 more Laws that can help you co-create your ideal life.We have a surprise exercise to wrap up the evening that will leave you with an INCREDIBLY clear vision of the future you are creating.We look forward to sharing this excitement with you as you start actively creating your reality.


Snacks, tea, water, and vision board supplies will be provided (feel free to bring additional magazines/catalogs, and any specific pictures you know you will want on your board).Please bring your favorite journal and pen. We will be sitting on the floor creating our vision boards, so wear whatever will make you most comfortable.

There is a waiting list for future dates, including a weekday, so if this date doesn’t work for you, please express interest so we can keep you updated.


Contact Us To Join The Waiting List

Led by Liz Foy

Must RSVP to Liz at 502-741-8963 via call or txt

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