Manifest With Less

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If you are ready to Manifest your ideal life, Release what no longer serves you, and Embrace a new life of abundance, this challenge is for you!

  • Do you constantly feel overwhelmed?

  • Have you heard about this manifestation stuff, but it doesn’t seem to work for you?

  • Sure, more money or abundance would be great, but it doesn’t seem possible.

  • When you look around your home or office, do you feel drained just looking at all your ‘stuff’?

  • Does your overwhelm leave you feeling exhausted and down on yourself?

  • Have you created or manifested some things like a parking spot or $20 here or there but are ready for the big shifts?

  • Are you ready to REALLY step into the leveled up version of yourself?

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Emotional Healing Testimonials

Amazing results!

I have had several sessions with Liz for Intuitive Healing. I'm always amazed at the emotions she uncovers that my body has been holding onto. I've had wonderful relief, emotionally and physically. I love her Reiki sessions too.. I always leave feeling energized! Thanks, Liz!!

Liz is the best

I love the energy from Liz and her emotional healing sessions have been such a hard grounder game changer for my life! I went from always on edge of crying to starting a positive flow and the first signs have already arrived after just two months! Thanks for everything and looking forward to the next one.


I have known Liz for years and have trusted her throughout to do awesome work! However, I was a little leery but excited for some intuitive healing and emotional work and I am now a believer! Liz is such a pure soul and I am so grateful for the work she does!

Massage Testimonials

Highly Reccomend

I worked with Crystal yesterday and it was a great experience. she was knowledgeable, professional and gave a great massage. I highly recommend Beyond Massage.


Samantha has been my massage therapist for almost a year now and she continues to amaze me with her ability in helping my body find a better place. She is always very professional and is extremely skilled in her approach. I will continue working with her as long as she provides massage therapy... none better than Samantha!!!

Love this place!!

My entire family goes to Beyond Massage. We love the customer service, ease of scheduling and the communication of appointments. The massages are the best and have helped me tremendously. If you are looking for a massage therapist that truly listens to your feedback and helps devise a plan to get you better, you can not find a better place!!


Absolutely the best deep tissue massage I have ever had! The ability to find the root cause of problems I was experiencing and cix them was amazing! Scheduled my next massage the same day!

Superb Therapeutic Massage

My therapist not only addressed my major 'complaints' (lower back & shoulder), but she also focused time on additional areas of my body where she noticed additional attention could be beneficial. Oh my, was she right! A superb 60 minutes!