I am passionate about helping others access their own intuition, gifts, and healing abilities. I hold space for you to safely explore and integrate aspects of yourself that might seem too intense to do on your own. Whether you are wanting to dig deeper into your healing, or potentially start / grow a business, I can help you remove the blocks to create the world you desire. As a Reiki practitioner of over 10 years, I also works with emotional healing(Emotional Polarity Technique), quantum and ancestral healing, and much more. We will help you mix the ‘woo’ with the ‘do’ of logical coaching and healing work.

Not only do I love to travel the Earth to deepen my understanding of the world I live in, but I stay curious about myself.  I’m constantly growing and exploring deeper avenues of healing and growth for myself and others. 





Karli massage therapist

I am a licensed massage therapist and Reiki Level 2 practitioner of the Usui / Tibetan lineage.  My passion for massage therapy stems from my amazement with the human muscular system’s similarities and differences that simultaneously connect us and demonstrate our uniqueness. I find it important to keep this seemingly paradoxical interpretation of our physical phenomenon in mind when working with clients to help them reach their individual healing goals. Incorporating Reiki throughout a massage session further promotes this individualized healing on a more holistic level. 

Simply put, I want to help people feel alive and well. 

I am constantly reminded that this looks different for everyone. Sometimes it means helping someone return to a favorite physical activity after an unexpected injury. For many athletes, getting back to their sport at full capacity allows them to return to a place where they are passionate, alive, and well. Other times, this means addressing a client’s chronic pain stemming from repetitive movements or postural imbalances. Free from the nagging muscular pain, they are more equipped to explore passions that promote “alive and well” within them. For many people (myself included), receiving consistent massage is something that helps bring them back to an “alive and well” state by promoting a sense of peace and safety within the body as they practice the skill of acceptance and experience increased body awareness. With increased body awareness, we are more likely to better address our body’s needs after a session as we move throughout our days.

 After communicating and reaching an understanding of your particular intentions and goals for each session, we can use a variety of techniques, including myofascial release, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and stretching to help you reach those goals and nurture the encompassing intention of maintaining a healthy life.





I am a certified Emotional Polarity Technique (EPT) practitioner.  I work with men, women and children who are going through transitions in life, (ex. divorce, retirement, empty nest), traumas, (ex. deaths, divorce, health issues) or dealing with stressful issues (ex. starting a new business, problems at work, problems at school).  I also have a Reiki Master IIIa degree.  I use a hands on technique for Reiki that channels energy to relax and heal the client.

Before being called to be a healer, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education, a Master’s degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Counseling, and a Rank 1 in General Education.  I was a public school Music teacher for 21 years.  I left that to work for the Jefferson County Teachers Association.  I was their lobbyist for 5 years and a UniServ Director for 11 years.  I retired in 2017 to begin a new career in emotional healing. On a personal note, I have 2 children, 2 cats, and I love to craft, read and garden.







I enjoy using massage to help people live their best, and healthy life, regardless of age and physical ability. I completed my training as a massage therapist at Advanced Massage Therapeutics ,in Louisville, Kentucky; and since then have enjoyed bringing the freeing nature of massage to people who have never experienced massage in clinical settings, community, and charity events. Though human pain and discomfort can be a mystery and hard to manage, it is wonderful to help people explore this in their own bodies and assist them in conquering it for themselves. In my practice, I incorporate several techniques including deep tissue massage and myofascial work, cupping, hot stones and couples massage within varying venues.