ErynEryn graduated from Advanced Massage Therapeutics at the top of her class. She is excited to support the clients at Beyond Massage on their healing and wellness journey. Eryn “felt the call” to pursue Massage during the shut-down of 2020. The heightened emotions, fear and human-disconnection were  factors in her decision to start school, because she wanted to be able to help heal the collective.

As she joins the team, Eryn is excited to work with clients that suffer from chronic stress / anxiety / depression as well as folks just looking for relaxation.


30 min ($60)  60 min ($100)
 90 min ($150)  120 min ($190)




I am currently a student at Advanced Massage Therapeutics. I am very passionate about helping my clients feel like their best selves. Whether that’s an injury or needing to decompress and relax. My massages are always custom to what my clients needs.    I’m always interested in learning more about how the body recovers and what I am able to do to assist the body into healing.
My love for massage started when I worked administration for orthopedic and physical therapy offices for several years. I was able to see the long term benefits massage therapy had on injures.   I plan to learn more about how I can assist clients with mental health diagnoses, from depression, anxiety, and PTSD.  I am looking forward to working with new clients and growing into the best therapist I can be.
 60 min ($53)
 90 min ($79.50)


I am passionate about helping others access their own intuition, gifts, and healing abilities. I hold space for you to safely explore and integrate aspects of yourself that might seem too intense to do on your own. Whether you are wanting to dig deeper into your healing, or potentially start / grow a business, I can help you remove the blocks to create the world you desire. As a Reiki practitioner of over 10 years, I also works with emotional healing(Emotional Polarity Technique), quantum and ancestral healing, and much more. We will help you mix the ‘woo’ with the ‘do’ of logical coaching and healing work.

Not only do I love to travel the Earth to deepen my understanding of the world I live in, but I stay curious about myself.  I’m constantly growing and exploring deeper avenues of healing and growth for myself and others. 




I am a certified Emotional Polarity Technique (EPT) practitioner.  I work with men, women and children who are going through transitions in life, (ex. divorce, retirement, empty nest), traumas, (ex. deaths, divorce, health issues) or dealing with stressful issues (ex. starting a new business, problems at work, problems at school).  I also have a Reiki Master IIIa degree.  I use a hands on technique for Reiki that channels energy to relax and heal the client.

Before being called to be a healer, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education, a Master’s degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Counseling, and a Rank 1 in General Education.  I was a public school Music teacher for 21 years.  I left that to work for the Jefferson County Teachers Association.  I was their lobbyist for 5 years and a UniServ Director for 11 years.  I retired in 2017 to begin a new career in emotional healing. On a personal note, I have 2 children, 2 cats, and I love to craft, read and garden.