Licensed Massage Therapy Session

30 min ($60 60 min ($100 90 min ($150 120 min ($190  


Intern Massage

Please Note: This is a practice massage session given by a massage school student, and not by a licensed therapist.
They will be practicing on specific areas of the body based on their current classes requirements… NOT necessarily on the needs or request of the client. This is not a full body massage, but focused on a certain skill or area.
This is offered at a deep discount, and we will request feedback on the therapist after the session.
60 min ($53)
90 min ($79.50)



Custom Healing Session – Lymphatic Drainage, Reiki & Massage

60 min ($125 90 min ($180)  


At Beyond Massage, we create a unique therapeutic experience tailored specifically for you. We use a variety of techniques to meet your needs based on your goals for the session: pain relief, increased range of motion, relaxation…

If you do not see a day/time that works, please call/text 502-741-8963


Couples Massage

You can both come and enjoy massages with back to back sessions. While one receives their massage, the other can relax on a massage table, or enjoy quiet time in the lobby with tea. For the quietest room please schedule on a Saturday to ensure you have the office building to yourself. 
(90 minute sessions available upon request)



Prenatal Massage

Expecting parents can receive a massage with or without the addition of Manual Lymphatic Drainage, based on which massage therapist you choose. You will even have the option of safely laying face down using the prenatal table which includes a cut-out which we refer to as the ‘belly hammock’, as well as breast/chest recesses.


60 min ($110 90 min ($160)



 If there is a certain technique that you are requesting and you aren’t sure which therapist or service is the best fit for you, please feel free to give us a call or text  502-741-8963