Liz Services

Liz Foy Healing Services2 hour Deep Dive Session

This 2 hour deep dive session allows enough time to really dig into a handful of topics, all centered around healing the root cause.
You will then have a full week of coaching support to maintain the momentum from the session breakthroughs! Your business might need some fresh ideas, you might be struggling to clearly communicate with loved ones, or you might be ready to release something from your past and finally heal. In this safe container, we dig into what you truly desire from your life & your business, heal limitations, and take action!  (virtual or in person)

2 hours + 1 week ($700)



Emotional Healing & CoachingLiz Foy Virtual Healing

Need some quick healing and guidance around what a next step is for you? Is it time to go a layer deeper into your healing? In this single hour session (virtual or in person), we can discover the root causes of issues, and give you an efficient ‘tune up’ of an issue we have worked with before. If you are a new client, we definitely recommend doing the ‘2 hour Deep Dive’, because a single hour sometimes feels limited when digging into deep issues.

60 min ($350)



Reiki / Intuitive Energy HealingEnergy Healing Liz Foy

Liz is a Reiki Master in Usui / Tibetan as well as Karuna lineage. She also utilizes other intuitive gifts to facilitate your healing, which can include disconnecting energies that no longer serve you, intuitive readings, and occasionally mediumship work.  Your goal for the session is discussed beforehand and clear boundaries are discussed. Only a healing technique that you approve of will be utilized. This session can be done in the office or from long distance over phone or video.

60 min ($150)