Distance Healing

Distance Healing

This is Crystal’s signature healing session! Distance healing, much like massage and other hands-on techniques, works by creating a direct connection between client and practitioner. Instead of this connection being physical as it is in massage, the connection formed in distance healing is energetic. (If you have trouble imagining this, think of someone that loves you. You can feel their love and you know they love you, even if they are not physically present.) Through this connection, you and Crystal work together in the healing process.

During a typical session, you will find a quiet and private space to relax. You may choose phone or video chat to communicate. Crystal will use a variety of techniques, including Reiki, Intuitive energy work, coaching, visualization, CranioSacral-type work, mindfulness, and more. You are free to request or deny any technique that you wish–this session is custom-built for you. A session may involve a conversation or silence, it may be calming or energizing. The outcome will depend on what your body needs most. These healing sessions are highly adaptable to whatever you need–they may address physical, emotional, energetic, and other types of healing needs.

60 min ($75)



Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching puts YOU in the driver’s seat of your healing and personal growth. Whether you have specific health-related goals, want to perform to a higher standard, or you just want to feel “better” (whatever that means to you), wellness coaching will help you define what you want and take steps to achieve it, all with the expert support and guidance of Coach Crystal, a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach. Coaching typically involves one meeting per week for 12 weeks. At each meeting, you and your coach will discuss the goals you want to achieve, the obstacles that might stand in your way, and how you can overcome those obstacles.  

Offered as a package of 12 sessions (1st session 90 minutes long, every other session 45 minutes long. Total price $750). Single session (45-60 minutes) $85

45-60 min ($85)



Virtual Wellness Consultation

 A Virtual Wellness Consultation will provide you with expertly curated tools and techniques that you can use on your own to feel your best. There are so many things that you can learn to do on your own to support your health and wellness goals! Whether you have a pesky pain that won’t stop irritating you, a health condition that you wish to manage more effectively, or you just want to feel better than you do now and prevent future health issues, a wellness consultation would benefit you. A consultation may include instruction on stretches and exercises for physical pain, mental and breathing exercises for stress reduction, mindfulness and meditation techniques, and much more. The consultation will include a video call with Crystal (an expert in physical, energetic, emotional, and mental healing), who can demonstrate your individualized exercises and observe you performing them to assure you are doing them accurately.

60 min ($85)



Reiki / Intuitive Energy Healing  

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself. It is a gentle and relaxing technique that can have many benefits, including reduced feelings of stress, increased feelings of wellbeing, improved sleep, and more. A typical Reiki session with Crystal takes place virtually–you will be in the comfort of your own home. You will find a quiet place to relax during the session. Crystal combines two forms of Reiki (Usui/Tibetan and Karuna®), along with intuitive healing, to create a calming session that is designed to support your individual healing needs.

60 min ($85)



CranioSacral-Specific Distance Healing

Experience the benefits of CranioSacral Therapy from the comfort of your home! In this form of distance healing that focuses on the body’s CranioSacral system, Crystal will connect to your body and help it release tensions that may be causing pain or dysfunction. This can help the body gently move into a state of deep relaxation and healing. A CranioSacral-specific distance healing session can support the body in reducing pain, processing trauma, improving rest and sleep, managing chronic health conditions, and more.

60 min ($85)