1 Week of  Coaching  With  Liz

This 2hr virtual or in person experience is in a one on one setting. There will be exercises before the session to help us gain clarity on direction and maximize the deep healing and discovery work. You will then have 1 week of unlimited voxer(voice and text app) support following the session. This followup is critical for implementing what we discovered into your life to create lasting changes.

2 hours and 1 week of integration / follow up support ($700)



At Beyond Massage, we create a unique therapeutic experience tailored specifically for you. We use a variety of techniques to meet your needs based on your goals for the session (pain relief, increased range of motion, relaxation, etc). If there is a certain technique that you are requesting and you aren’t sure which therapist or service is the best fit for you, please feel free to give us a call or text  502-741-8963