Hi, I’m Alicia! Moving to Louisville from Pennsylvania gave me the opportunity  to serve in the nonprofit world during the pandemic and see so many lives changed. It was a change from previously owning my own cleaning and photography businesses for 10+ years. All of these experiences led me  on a hunt to find something that greater aligned with my passions and values.
Growing up in a home with an ill parent, I became familiar and passionate about holistic health from a young age which led me to pursue massage therapy  and discover a connection between physical and emotional healing. These two forces are so intertwined, and for many, human touch and connection can be the key to unlocking necessary healing.
I shared this passion with my late sister Japhia, and I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to not only carry it on in her memory but share it with others in efforts to wholly heal.
 60 min ($53)
 90 min ($79.50)
Intern Massage:
Please Note: This is a practice massage session given by a massage school student, and not by a licensed therapist.
They will be practicing on specific areas of the body based on their current classes requirements… NOT necessarily on the needs or request of the client. This is not a full body massage, but focused on a certain skill or area.
This is offered at a deep discount, and we will request feedback on the therapist after the session.